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Looking to get married in a flash? Want to save dough and take some of the planning pressure off your plate? Well now with Bridal Brokerage, you can!

bridal-brokerage-L-m4as8tThis company buys cancelled weddings from couples to help recoup some of the costs, then sells them to bargain-hunting brides and grooms. BB collects info from the selling couple such as wedding date, location, guest capacity, vendors, and costs, and matches weddings to buyers based on the engaged couple’s preferred wedding date, location, guest list, and budget. For adventurous brides and grooms who can be flexible, don’t mind a shorter engagement period, and aren’t superstitious, this can be an excellent opportunity. As a wedding vendor, we’re curious to see if this business soars or flops. We’re definitely keeping our eyes open on this one! Let us know what you think – would you ever purchase someone’s abandoned wedding plans?