The verdict is in: this Save the Date video is the best thing in the entire world, let alone the most creative save the date we’ve ever seen.¬† Oh, and it is also the thing that made me cry happy tears at my desk.







It illustrates the sheer joy and simplicity of falling in love when it’s right. We love love!!!

Get a crate of tissues and watch this amazingness.

Jason Derulo has given the world its next top wedding song: “Marry Me.” Not to be confused with Train’s “Marry Me,” or Bruno Mars’s “Marry You,” or Paula Abdul’s “Will You Marry Me Boy” (OK, you probably weren’t thinking about the last one), it is the second single released from his third studio album¬†Tattoos (2013).

jason derulo

Jason wrote the song for longtime girlfriend Jordin Sparks about his intention to marry her… so that should tide her over for now, right?

I first heard this song on satellite radio while cruising down the highway. It didn’t strike me as anything special musically, but when I saw the title “Marry Me,” I stayed tuned in. Being in this industry, it seems like a no-brainer that this song will be requested. After listening to the lyrics, it doesn’t really seem that ideal for a wedding, in my humble opinion. I mean, he hasn’t actually asked if she’ll marry him yet, he’s talking about doing it in the future when he’s set financially, so there’s no need to rush (as if Jason Derulo doesn’t have enough money). Romantic? Meh.

Sometimes we get requests for songs, where the chorus or most high-profile part of the song seems romantic or appropriate when it’s really not. We always encourage people to put a lot of thought into their song choices, to listen to all of the lyrics, especially during a special dance when their guests are paying close attention.

This is just food for thought. At the end of the day, it’s ultimately about what makes the bride and groom happy. It’s their day after all.

Check out the song below:

Stitely Entertainment would like to extend a very warm welcome to the new kids on the block, The Grant Hendrickson Band. Their first gig out of the gate with Stitely was a dazzling fundraiser for the Pritzker Military Library. Held at the fabulous Chicago Hilton and Towers, the quartet rocked out some jazz, Motown, and classic rock n’ roll to a packed dance floor.

Grant summed it up best: “It was an absolute honor to perform for the Pritzker Military Library’s 10th Anniversary Liberty Gala. It was a spectacular evening and we were humbled to provide the music for such a memorable celebration.”

Check out these photos shot on Grant’s state-of-the-art iPhone:

Prtizker Ballroom






The Ballroom all decked out

Pritzker Grant






Grant Hendrickson all decked out



Over the years, Sweden has given the world some killer bands – all to varying degrees depending on your taste in music – Roxette, Ace Of Base, Europe, The Cardigans, and of course, ABBA.

This most recent Swedish group takes the Princess Cake. Ladies and Gentlemen… Dirty Loops.

This trio of young, fantastic musicians is causing a stir all over the world. Millions of fans have discovered them online through their videos and recordings. See, they take songs by well-known artists like Adele and Lady Gaga, twist them, turn them, and make them their own.

I, like most people, first saw these guys on YouTube tearing up a version of Britney Spears’ Circus. Not sure how you feel about the Britney Spears version, but I always thought it was, like most of her music, FINE. I think she peaked in 1999, but I digress. These guys made me love that song. It’s the jam. It’s here.

I titled this post “Cleans Up” because they are finally getting the recognition they deserve – Music mogul David Foster signed them to his Verve Music Group, and last year they embarked on Asia Tour 2012 alongside Chaka Khan and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. With David Foster on your side, the sky’s the limit.

They are currently working on their debut release. It was slated to be released “early 2013.” It’s September. Why do you make me wait, guys? Sigh.

I hope this is inspiring to all you artists out there, vying to become internet sensations and parlay that into legit success. It happens. Not always for the good – isn’t that how Justin Bieber was found? – but this time, the internet got it right.

Here’s another example of musical genius at work:

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.47.45 AM

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