Photo Credit: Nazareth College. Click the photo to read about their music therapy program relating to dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s.


Music is always an excellent backdrop for a casual get-together and a great form of entertainment for a wild dance party. However, it can also be used as an important tool in the healthcare industry. In this article on Huffpost, Ronna Kaplan of the American Music Therapy Association discusses the new music therapy program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Previous studies have shown that music therapy can help veterans improve their mental status and level of relaxation. Other organizations, such as Nazareth College, are experiencing heightened support for music therapy programs as more and more positive results continue to be discovered.

Know someone who you think could benefit from music therapy? Here are a few music therapy programs local to the Chicagoland area:

The Institute for Therapy through the Arts – Services are personalized to needs of each patient

Tuned In Music Therapy Services, LLC – Speech and communication, motor coordination, and cognition

Communication Clubhouse – Enhance communication skills, as well as social and emotional coping skills

Creative Exchange Music Therapy Clinic – Specializes in autism spectrum disorder