Summer is the most prosperous season for many industries, and pop music is no exception to that rule. Summer 2013 has seen the release of many songs, all clambering for the coveted top Billboard spot. Here are a few noteworthy Top 40 tracks from the summer…so far!

Get Lucky – Daft Punk

This infectious hit single dropped in April but is shaping up to be the song of the summer. It comes from Daft Punk’s long awaited album, Random Access Memories, but many fans believe Get Lucky to be the only worthwhile song on the record. If you liked Get Lucky, check out this music history inspired remix of the song, or Daft Punk’s revolutionary album, Discovery.

Can’t Hold Us and Same Love – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Although Macklemore’s groundbreaking, truly independent album The Heist (a rap album for people who think they don’t like rap) is almost a year old, two of its three hit singles continue to dominate the charts. Same Love is a powerful affirmation of the gay rights movement, and in itself is a very moving song. Can’t Hold Us is an upbeat soliloquy featuring Ray Dalton’s enticing vocals. This writer was fortunate enough to attend their Chicago concert in November, and was blown away by its quality. If you liked those songs, check out the rest of The Heist (which includes Thrift Shop, one of the most popular songs of this decade so far).

The Cup Song – Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a goofy movie about college a capella rivalries and adolescent hormones. When the lead character auditions for the club, she sings this song complete with cup choreography. If you liked this song, watch the movie (but be warned, corniness level MAXIMUM!).

Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke

Blurred Lines is super catchy, but the music video garnered controversy when the unrated version was released featuring topless models among other distasteful topics. Thicke’s album of the same name, Blurred Lines, is set for a July 30th release. He purportedly intends to feature President Obama in his next video.