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Weddings: Live Streaming

The future is here: tech-savvy couples are live video streaming their nuptials online. In this age of destination weddings, and when brides and grooms hail from different parts of the country, it’s a way for friends and family who can’t attend the event to watch from afar. Also, it’s a heck of a lot less…

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Music Monday – March Madness for Music Fans

Not into sports? Really into sports? Either way, this sounds like fun. For the third year in a row, Billboard.com is asking pop fans to vote for their favorite songs on a bracket that looks pretty familiar… Visit the website HERE to get started. Let the games begin!

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Music Monday: Let It Go

Singer and Impressionist Christina Bianco has done it again. The YouTube sensation has posted another video, the Academy Award Winning Song “Let It Go,” from the Academy Award Winning Disney Animated Film “Frozen.” Since it was posted on February 13th, it has received over 2.5 million views. In the song, she does impressions of  Idina…

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Weddings: Pets in Attendance

Most people can’t imagine celebrating their most special day without loved ones by their side. For some animals lovers, that includes the family pet. You can definitely include your animals in your wedding day, but make sure to take the following into account before sending Rover his invitation. Get permission Make sure your vendors, the…

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Music Monday: Harry Connick Jr.

I have adored this man for years and years. From his Grammy Award winning and double platinum “When Harry Met Sally” soundtrack in 1989 and the best-selling Christmas album of 1993 “When My Heart Finds Christmas,” to his most recent studio success “Every Man Should Know.” He has appealed to my ears musically, and appealed…

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Good Times: Unique Special Dances

If you’re looking for ways to put a unique spin on your wedding day (and maybe become an internet sensation at the same time), special dances are a great opportunity to do just that. I’m always a fan of song mash-ups and choreography… this video has both! Take a look at this Mother/Son Dance that’s…

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