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Music Monday: Robert Downey Jr

As if I needed another reason to crush on Robert Downey Jr., turns out he has a killer singing voice too? Back in October of 2011 Sting celebrated his 60th birthday with a concert at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. He was joined on his favorite tunes by fellow superstars Stevie Wonder, Lady…

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Music Monday: The Bad Plus

This week’s Music Monday shall be known as “Tunes Tuesday.” Because it’s Tuesday. Sometimes you gotta shake things up a bit, keep ’em guessing. Yeah, that’s why it’s a day late… on purpose. This week’s pick comes to us courtesy of Jeff Stitely himself: it’s the jazz trio The Bad Plus. He saw them in…

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Good Times: The 10 Most Viral Wedding Stories Of 2013

There were so many classic and beautiful weddings that took place this past year – too many to recap. So, let’s focus on the wonderfully weird and unique ones! This one is our favorite due to its musical theme: a bride and groom played a guitar duet when the bride walked down the aisle. The…

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Tell Me Something Good: Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Proposes To Nurse He Met In Rehab

There’s a beautiful silver lining to the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, 2013. James Costello was waiting at the finish line at the Boston Marathon when his life was dramatically changed. In a twist of fate, his life was also changed for the better. Costello suffered severe burns on his right…

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Music Monday: Pentatonix

It was my turn to pick the song for Music Monday this week. Hurray! (This is Sarah, by the way. Nice to meet you.) Since it’s always hard to choose just one song, I picked something that covers the bases. This is “Evolution of Music” by the insanely talented a cappella group Pentatonix: A Cappella…

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Good Times: Couple to Marry at Annual Bacon Festival

Do you love bacon? I do!! Organizers behind the annual bacon festival in Des Moines say they’ve booked their first reservation for a bacon-themed wedding. The Iowa Bacon Board (yes, that exists) says the lucky couple will be wed at the seventh annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. Though the “Viva Las Bacon” weddings will take…

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