Wedding Stories

Inhibitions vanish. Time stops. Nothing exists but the music, the moment and the people you share it with.

Transcendent moments like these happen when the perfect songs are played masterfully by musicians who are as committed to the celebration as you are. For that to happen, every detail has to be planned perfectly with your wedding and your guests in mind. What appears to be pure magic is careful calculation and painstaking preparation.

It’s your wedding. We can make it everything you ever dreamed it would be and more. Share your ideas with us. We’ll bring them to life. List your favorite songs and we’ll play them. We’ll help you plan a celebration that no one can forget.

Are we the best Chicago wedding band? Actually, we’re four of the best bands made up of touring and recording artists who love to bring joy to weddings. That’s our specialty and our passion. There’s nothing we’d love more than to play at yours.

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